System 9000 – Inorganic Materials – No Moisture Impact

Granab Subfloor System 9000 consists of floor joists, Sylodyn® damping elements, support blocks and level adjustment screws. All parts are manufactured from inorganic materials, meaning they are not affected by moisture or temperature fluctuations.


1. Sylodyn® – damping elements

Sylodyn® is used when the requirements for vibration and impact sound
insulation are very high.

The material is equally resilient both dynamically and statically and is frequently the only solution for applications with high loads and low resonance frequency requirements.

Environment: No environmental impact, recyclable into new polyurethane products. Sylodyn is highly resistant to short-term extreme overloads and the material springs back entirely if overloaded. The material’s dynamic E-modules demonstrate no deterioration during long-term tests.

Functional durability: Sylodyn® has extremely long lifetime. Not affected by ozone, UV radiation or common chemicals.

Advantages: An effective and economical material. Good vibration insulation can be achieved even with little deflection and at minimal amplitudes. Good impact sound insulation even at high frequencies.


2. Steel – floor girders

Non-deformable, galvanised steel joists that retain their shape and are not affected by humidity or temperature variations.

Environment: Sheet metal is a part of the materials cycle and is processed into new steel in electro-steel works.

Functional durability: Galvanised steel has extremely long durability.


3. Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic – support block with level adjustment screw

The support block and level adjustment screw allows for flexible construction heights from 70 – 420 mm (excl. floor covering).

Material: Polypropylene

Environment: No environmental impact. Recyclable into new basic material.

Functional durability: Extremely long durability.

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Inorganic Materials - No Moisture Impact

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