Tiled surfaces

Granab subfloor systems are the best solution for tiled surfaces in halls, kitchens, and wet rooms for both homes and public buildings.

The sound insulation provided by the systems gets even better when more weight is placed on top of it, which means that the sound requirements can be fulfilled even on tiled surfaces.

Principle in wet rooms with tiles on Granab

A: Chipboard flooring, 22 mm. B: Sheet of inorganic material. C: Floor levelling compound.
Example design: Granab subfloor system, c/c 300 mm, with 22 mm chipboard, sheet of inorganic material, moisture barrier and tiles.

Testing of Granab subfloor systems with tiled surfaces

Granab subfloor systems with tiling have been tested by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden with respect to deflection and strength properties.

Our systems

Granab subfloor system 3000N

For adjustable heights from 30 to 140 mm, excluding floor covering.

Granab subfloor system 7000N

For adjustable heights from 50 to 420 mm, excluding floor covering.

Granab Subfloor system 8000W

For adjustable height 85 – 470 mm, excl. Floor covering. For new construction and renovations, primarily for wooden flooring e.g., Cross-laminated timber.

Granab subfloor system 9000N

For adjustable heights from 70 to 420 mm, excluding floor covering.